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Hunt for FestiviTREES 2017 – Business Entry

The Annual Hunt for FestiviTREES is sponsored by KBCB (Keep Bastrop County Beautiful), Bastrop Power & Light, and Stanberry & Assoc. and is being held in conjunction Lost Pines Christmas and other festivities during the holidays. By participating you the gain the following:

  • Promote your business, as well as others in Bastrop by encouraging customers to view and vote on your recycled Christmas Tree. (This can be a tree made out of recycled items or a tree decorated with recycled items or materials.)
  • Advertising of this event will be through coverage received from local publications, websites and the distribution of flyers.
  • Ballots showing the location of the participating businesses and hours will be distributed to the public through your and other local businesses. KBCB will furnish the ballot box and ballots to you by December 1st, when the contest begins.
  • The Hunt will kick off on December 1.
  • The public will view your Christmas Trees from December 1, 2017 until December 31, 2017. The visiting public will have their ballot signed or stamped at each location visited. After visiting at least ten locations, the ballots will be handed in at the last location visited. KBCB will then determine the first, second and third place according to the ballots.
  • An ad after the event to highlight the winning businesses.

Please print and mail-in* this entry form or call (512) 826-2614 to participate in this event.

Deadline to submit this entry form  or call is 24 November 2017 at 5pm.