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KBCB Litter Brigade

Author: Debbie Moore

Some unsung heroes and heroines

In case you are not aware, Bastrop County is fortunate to have a dedicated group of individuals who work tirelessly to pick up the trash thrown from passing cars and to educate us on painless ways to recycle. One of those heroines is Andrea Haschke who sent the following:

“Another great opportunity for Bastropians to make our town better and better is right around the corner! Keep Bastrop County Beautiful (KBCB) and the City of Bastrop Public Works will be having its third monthly Bastrop Volunteer Litter Brigade Sweep on Saturday, March 26 from 9-11 a.m. Volunteers will meet at the parking lot of the Public Works Department, 1209 Linden St., Bastrop and then go to targeted sites. Please wear boots and gloves. We will supply reflective vests. Call (512) 772-3704 for more information.”

Andrea goes on to say, “Last month we collected 250 pounds of litter along Highway 71 from McCoy’s Lumber west to Highway 969. In the past two months, the KBCB Litter Brigade has collected nearly 500 pounds of litter from Bastrop roadways and is making a visible difference in our community. The Public Works Department group, headed up by Jason Alfaro, has been hugely helpful by providing a city truck with lights, equipment and hands on help from Cedric McIntyre and Oscar Juarez. Just for fun some of us met up at Coffee Dog afterward. Come join in and feel good knowing you made Bastrop a beautiful place to live and work. Also add to your calendar the next Litter Sweep scheduled for Saturday, April 23.”

We owe these individuals a real debt of gratitude.  Thanks everyone.

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