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Demolition and Disposal Concerns

Managing Debris from Texas Wildfires

From the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Large volumes of debris are generated following natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and tornados. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has developed the following guidance to assist in managing and disposing debris associated with the cleanup of areas affected by these events.

During cleanup and recovery efforts following a severe event, large volumes of various types of debris will need to be disposed. Debris includes:

  • Partially-burned trees, brush, and other vegetative matter;
  • Partially-burned construction-demolition waste (sheet rock, roof shingles, treated wood, plastics, etc.);
  • Other municipal solid waste (including putrescible waste and special waste); and
  • Hazardous waste

Finding a local demolition company is preferred over out of state companies, but it is also just as important that your demolition company is well versed in Green demolition and deconstruction techniques.  One company, Southern Demolition & Environmental, goes into detail the methods used to environmentally manage the demolition of structures and slabs after a disaster.

Protect Your Lungs From Wildfire Smoke

From South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Wildfires are a growing natural hazard in most regions of the United States. They pose a threat to life and property, particularly where native ecosystems meet populated areas.

Sometimes the secondary effects of wildfires, including changes in air and water quality, are more damaging to health than the fire itself.

Wildfires expose people, especially children and those with lung problems, to a number of environmental hazards, including the byproducts of burning wood, plastics, and chemicals released from burning structures and furnishings.

The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has compiled this list of resources to help you protect yourself, your children, and your pets during and after a wildfire.

General Information on Wildfires and Health