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Wildfire Recovery

Wildfire Recovery – Environmental Concerns

Bastrop County has seen wildfire devastation transform our homes, parks, businesses and lives.

The fire interacting with man made materials creates serious environmental concerns.  Many items in the home and driveway such as televisions, computers, fluorescent lamps, household chemicals, cars, etc.  release toxic and hazardous byproducts.

Compound that problem with fire fighting water / retardant from hoses and air-drops or, miraculously for Texas, rain.  The water blending with these substances potentially allows it to transport down stream to a neighbor’s property or saturate below into your arable earth and possibly ground water.

Ash concerns during re-entry is another concern with owners sifting through belongings or simply through wind dispersal.  Personal Protective Equipment is vitally important during re-entry, demolition and disposal to protect yourself from inhalation, skin absorption, and skin puncture pathways.

Keep Bastrop County Beautiful has collected several articles from various resources to help you recover in a safe and environmentally responsive manner.  We also provide links for more details.  Local information is also sought after.  If there is any more information that you feel should be displayed that can help our fellow Bastropians, please don’t hesitate to contact us this is a living document that will continue to grow.

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